Broadview Heights Lions

The Broadview Heights Lions Club was established by 25 members in 1975 with the motto of "WE SERVE". For the past ten years our membership has ranged from 30-50 members ranging in age from their mid 20's to over 80, and we are extremely diverse. Our diversity provides a wealth of knowledge which is invaluable in planning and carrying out our projects. Of equal importance, many of us have developed lifelong friendships. During our 39 year history, we have been among the most active Lions Club in the nation. We have received numerous awards and honors from both the Community and various Lions organizations.  

We continue to take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of our local and international community; to encourage service-minded people to serve their community without personal financial reward, and to encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standards in commerce, industry, professions, public works and private endeavors.

Although we support the District, State and International projects, most of our work and our funds are directed to our local community.  On average, our club donates approximately $30,000 each year to local projects, for the betterment of Broadview Heights and various local charities. Overall we have raised and spent over 1.5 millions dollars for service projects and charity.

To learn more about the Broadview Hts. Lions Club please join us at 6:30 PM for our Dinner meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the American Legion Post 196, 7400 Chippewa Road in Brecksville, OH or call our president Dave Garee at 216-308-8013.

Lions of the YEar

Bob Lee 1978
Ben Lemichuck 1979 and 1980
Ken Marshall 1981
John Bingham 1982
Frank Koubek 1983
Earl Patterson 1984
Bob Ehlres 1985
Ted Roob 1986
Ray Weber 1987
Bob Corcoran 1988
Kevin Driscoll 1989
Bob Savage 1990
Butch Drozdowski 1991
Elmer Harding 1992
Bud Kology 1993
Jim Heege 1994
Cy Nezbeda 1995
Paul Zakriski 1996
Luigi Messineo 1997
Andy Alai 1998
Jack Morabito 1999
Nancy Clark 2000
Jeff Madigan 2001
Glenn Goodwin 2002
Bob Corcoran 2003
Bill Zaker 2006
Gary Cerasi 2007
Flo Vaughn 2008
Keith Gaydosh 2009
Ken Marshall 2009
Louise Fizser 2010
Kevin Barrett 2011 
Kevin Barrett 2012
Lisa Krcmar 2013
Kevin Krcmar 2015

Broadview Heights Club